Case Studies

Here at iMedNet, we have a lot of experience in the eClinical industry. Take a look at some of our favorite successes and greatest challenges we've faced over the years.

Medical Device Firm Decreases Study Build Times by More Than 50%

Case Study I (Insipire)
A life science organization focused on delivering breakthrough Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatments found itself in need of a more efficient and cost-effective eClinical technology solution. With iMedNet, they discovered a time savings of 52-85% compared to their previous solution.

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CRO Rescues Multi-Study Program Utilizing iMedNet eClinical

Case Study F (SDC)
Learn how a CRO simultaneously rescued two biotechnology studies, meeting aggressive sponsor timeline requirements and original enrollment & randomization goals using iMedNet. It was all possible because of iMedNet's streamlined eCRF development, effective end-user workflows and more!

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ARA Uses iMedNet to Automate Clients' Unique CEC Adjudication Processes

Case Study C (ARA)
Examine the CEC-related business challenges faced by this CRO and how iMedNet’s flexibility was used to address the different adjudication processes of two separate sponsors.

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Successfully Managing Disease-Specific Registries with eClinical Technology

Case Study H (PCTL)
Discover how the iMedNet software allows for an ease of data collection across multiple study sites, triggered forms based on pre-determined patient windows and events for timely completion, and easy-to-use reporting tools that allow users to create ad hoc reports and download data in multiple formats.

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iMedNet Maximizes eClinical Development Process Efficiency

SDC Case Study (E)
In this case study, discover how iMedNet used functionalities like edit check and workflow configuration, Internal User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and more to increase database build efficiency by over 100% for Statistics and Data Corporation, an innovative biometrics services organization and valued MedNet customer.

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iMedNet eClinical Delivers Superior Results for a Mid-Size CRO

Case Study B (NAMSA)
This case study outlines why iMedNet was chosen as the ideal technical platform to support a Mid-Size CRO’s clinical team and meet the sponsor’s tight budget and aggressive timelines. 

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Global Medical Device Firm Achieves Significant Time and Cost Savings

Case Study G (Medical Device)
A US-based medical device firm specializing in minimally invasive solutions for complex spine and degenerative diseases found itself in search of a new EDC partner. Learn why they chose iMedNet and how our solutions aided in developing follow-on studies in just days with costs decreasing by 50-55%.

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5 Examples of How eClinical Flexibility Leads to Study Success

Case Study D (Flexibility)
Here are 5 real-world examples of how iMedNet’s ultra-configurability was used to address unique study requirements, leading to benefits including decreased costs, shortened timelines and enhanced data quality. Discover functionality like customized query notifications, access to real-time data and more!

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Medical Device Company Deploys Rigorous Process to Select eClinical Partner

Case Study A (Orthovita)
This medical device company's eClinical technology partner evaluation process includes stringent vendor requirements & evaluation scorecard criteria.

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