White Papers & Webinars

Our collection of White Papers takes a deeper dive into the world of eClinical. We strive to collect and create research studies that continually improve our software and services.

P-Value Controversy (BASP Study)

The P Value Controversy-White Paper C

The journal “Basic and Applied Social Psychology” (BASP) published an editorial that became a catalyst for a crescendo of debate in the research community in reference to the use of p values. Learn their solution, what prompted the study, and the long-standing history of problems in clinical research.

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Data Safety Monitoring Boards

White Paper B_DSMB

This white paper will discuss the history of DSMB/DMC panels and the processes used to help address heightened patient risk, including technology’s important role in delivering accurate data as panels progressively move away from paper-based methods.

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Efficient Biostatistical Analyses

White Paper A_Reproducible Research

This white paper explores how time-consuming biostatistical analysis activities can be transformed via automated processes and workflows that are efficient, cost-effective, high quality, predictable and repeatable.

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Choosing the Right EDC Partner

Choosing the right edc-1

If you’re looking for an eClinical Solution to support upcoming clinical research projects, chances are you’re struggling to figure out which option is right for you. To help you evaluate your options objectively, we’ve created the following  “Top 6 List”– key questions to ask during your analysis.

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Our collection of in-depth webinars dig into eClinical and EDC best practices and case studies of companies who have been there and done that using eClinical technology. These webinars help us stay up-to-date on the most efficient business practices for the industry.

Successfully Managing Registries

Successfully Managing Registries with eClinical Technology

By streamlining key activities and automating processes that ensure study goals are quickly and efficiently achieved, our eClinical technology successfully supported a multi-year, 75-site, 500 patient disease-specific Registry.

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eClinical Tech: Time & Cost Savings

Successfully Managing Registries with eClinical Technology (1)

Explore a real-world study demonstrating how eClinical technology helped build follow-on studies in 3 days or how costs were decreased by over 50% to a life sciences organization conducting three back-to-back clinical trials.

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Managing Execution of Clinical Trial Rescue Process

Successfully Managing Registries with eClinical Technology (2)

This webinar showcases how a respected CRO combined its internal data services expertise with innovative eClinical technology to simultaneously rescue two pivotal studies, fully meeting the sponsor’s goals and expectations.

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